Lillian Baker

They made me feel at home and loved. They all done their very best in caring for me. I think the Manor is one of the best- I trust them 100%. I want to thank you for your love and support.

Lillian BakerDischarged: 1/2018
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Douglas

I am their daughter and I was very pleased with everything and so were they. –Carol Anderson, POA

Mr. & Mrs. Paul DouglasDischarged: 12/2017
Betty Arnold

All of the nurses and aides were very good to me. Therapy gave me excellent care.

Betty ArnoldDischarged: 10/2017
Wally Boden

Nurses were outstanding when my oxygen dropped. The physical therapy was great. Top quality for each patient.

Wally BodenDischarged: 6/2017
Ida "Faye" Parker

The nurses were great and the aides were kind and considerate. Everyone was excellent to my visitors.

Ida "Faye" ParkerDischarged: 6/2017
Harvey Thompson, Inpatient

Everyone at Adams County Manor’s Transitional Wing was very professional, caring, and interested in helping me get well.

Harvey Thompson, InpatientDischarged: 5/2017

The therapists were excellent. The wound care nurses kept a close watch on my incision, treating it with antibiotic cream and clean bandages. Exceptionally clean, excellent therapy department, caring nurses and good food. It would be my first choice if I needed to go to a nursing home again.

AnonymousDischarged: 2/2017
Raymond Buda, Inpatient

Dietary staff was excellent. If I was not interested in what the choices were, I was asked what I would like, I would ask for a large chef salad and a bowl of soup and that is what I was served.

Raymond Buda, InpatientDischarged: 10/2016
Michael Arthur, Inpatient

Sarilee made sure I got double portions of food.  Thanks for bringing my meals before I went to appointments and having my meals waiting when I got back. Nurses and aides helped with my care. The rehabilitation helped me get going, for that, I thank you. Great job on getting me to therapy. The stuff was super, lots of encouragement from them. I would tell anyone that I had good care here. You’re the best. Thank you.

Michael Arthur, InpatientDischarged: 9/2016
Louis Fulton, Inpatient

Sam Browning was always happy and upbeat. Everyone was kind and very professional. I have no complaints about the care I received. [Therapy] Everyone was kind and helpful. They always “pushed me” to do my best.

Louis Fulton, InpatientDischarged: 8/2016
Wanda Dryden, Inpatient

Michelle E. and a couple other aides were extra cheerful and helpful. All nurses were great– Jamie Renchen was extra helpful. I had a great experience and was thankful to be close to home for my family’s sake. Therapy staff was patient and cheerful. I was informed to call if I needed any questions answered. I am continuing therapy at the facility as an outpatient because I feel the staff does a good job.

Wanda Dryden, InpatientDischarged: 8/13/16
Sheila "Ann" Moore, Family Member

We were very well pleased with Lori. She was understanding and did what she could, so my mom could attend her sister’s funeral (my mom’s sister passed away just before my mom was getting out, so we needed to move it [the discharge] up a couple days). They [Dietary] were very nice– seeing that my mom got the salads she wanted.

Sheila "Ann" Moore, Family MemberLoved One Discharged: 7/28/16
Betty Lawler, Inpatient

They were all so kind to me. I would recommend for anyone to go to the AC Manor.

Betty Lawler, InpatientDischarged: 7/7/16
Katherine Hall, Inpatient

My needs were met and my calls were answered very quickly. [Therapy] Each movement was explained and why I needed to do it. All of my questions were answered.

Katherine Hall, InpatientDischarged: 7/5/16
Joyce McClanahan, Inpatient

Marti Knauff [Admissions Director] is a God-send. [Dietary] Very much like the change to have options available for meals.

Joyce McClanahan, InpatientDischarged: 4/18/16
Robert Gallowitz, Inpatient

Excellent care and people.

Robert Gallowitz, InpatientDischarged: 4/2/16
Anonymous, Outpatient Therapy

Therapy was wonderful. I couldn’t have been treated any better.

Anonymous, Outpatient Therapy2016
James Kain, Inpatient

Very excellent.

James Kain, InpatientDischarged: 2/13/16
Joe Grove, Outpatient Therapy

All of the therapy staff were highly competent and professional. Thank you for your help in regaining functionality. I’m fully ambulatory now!

Joe Grove, Outpatient TherapyDischarged: 1/27/2016
Elaine Lafferty, Outpatient Therapy

All of the therapy staff are really professional, all of the gals were caring and explained why certain activities were important. You have a great staff and I left feeling that all of the staff were my friends.

Elaine Lafferty, Outpatient TherapyDischarged: 11/24/15
Daniel Davis, Inpatient

Very good–Appreciated everything. Excellent care. I’m doing outpatient rehab now with you. I’ll come back again when my other knee is done. My diet was very limited and dietary was good to give me what I could eat.

Daniel Davis, InpatientDischarged: 11/10/15
Robert M. Helterbridle, Outpatient Therapy

All these ladies did a wonderful job, so helpful and kind. Polite, kind, and hard working.

Robert M. Helterbridle, Outpatient TherapyDischarged: 10/30/15
Merle Duncan, Inpatient

Everyone was very nice and helpful. Food was great! They [Therapy] did a good job.

Merle Duncan, InpatientDischarged: 10/23/15
Mary Hurt, Inpatient

I feel the Manor is an excellent facility, and a very good high grade for West Union and Adams County, very, very clean, no odors, quick response of the aids and as I was just there for therapy treatment, that was number one.

Mary Hurt, InpatientDischarged: 2/24/15
Wavey Morrison, Inpatient

The rooms were always clean, smelling nice, workers always friendly and polite.

Wavey Morrison, InpatientDischarged: 1/24/15
Anonymous, Inpatient

No one wants to go to a nursing home, but my care could not have been better.

Anonymous, Inpatient2015
Herbert Flood, Inpatient

If I ever needed a place to go, I would definitely come back!

Herbert Flood, InpatientDischarged: 1/28/14
Lamonia “Janie” Lucas, Inpatient

There is a difference in being a visitor than being a resident. Both of my daughters were here and now I had a short stay for my knee. I know most of the employees. The nursing staff was wonderful, the aides were so helpful. Sarilee [Dietary Manager] gave me my own bag of snacks! Lori [Social Services] even spent her own money to bring me a wonderful cup of McDonald’s coffee. Anita [Activities Director] stopped by every day to see if I needed anything. I was so well taken care of. Physical Therapy is so good in helping me get up and going. They even made special arrangements to see me even after I was discharged. I could not have been more happy with the overall care

Lamonia “Janie” Lucas, InpatientDischarged: 11/9/2012
Louise Fields, Family Member

Mom has been in the Manor a few times, each visit seems to improve. The staff is wonderful! The facility is clean and comfortable. The food is great! The Physical Therapy is awesome! Each time mom goes there (ACM) they work with her and she gets to go home in a few weeks. Thank you so much for all the great work you all do.

Louise Fields, Family MemberLoved One Discharged: 3/31/12
Sharon Houser, Inpatient

Now that I know the Manor from a patient level I am even more proud to say that they have the best and most caring, cleanest nursing facility around! From the nursing, therapy, housekeeping, maintenance, activities and administrative staff, you are all wonderful…

Sharon Houser, InpatientDischarged: 2/4/2012
John Caldwell, Family Member

You provide an outstanding facility with caring individuals. You are committed to your residents and you make every effort to provide quality care. My brother received such a warmhearted and giving experience that his recovery was enhanced and he looked forward PT and getting stronger and better. Because of your efforts, Wick (brother) has regained his strength and now has redeveloped a positive attitude toward life. Thank you for the care, love and affection. You are wonderful people who change lives for the better.

John Caldwell, Family MemberLoved One Discharged: 1/4/2012
Julie Rader, Family Member

My husband and I were very impressed with the care our mother received during her stay. All the staff was professional and caring. I feel she received top notch, excellent care. Thanks to all the personnel of Adams County Manor!

Julie Rader, Family MemberLoved One Discharged: 9/23/2011
Farrell Fields, Resident

My stay at ACM was great. All my Nurses and aides were great. I couldn’t have been treated better at home. It is one of the cleanest nursing homes I have been in. I would tell anyone asking for a Rehab that this is the place to be. Thanks for treating myself and family so well

Farrell Fields, ResidentDischarged: 9/15/2011
Zelma J. Hanson, Inpatient

I’m so glad I made the choice to come to [Adams County Manor]. I was treated so well and my room was nice and always clean…I can’t say enough about the Therapy Department. They are outstanding and always pleasant and each resident was treated with dignity and respect. They really care about their patients and I feel like they are all my friends.

Zelma J. Hanson, InpatientDischarged: 8/4/2011
Betty Crank, Inpatient

I couldn’t ask for better care and therapy

Betty Crank, InpatientDischarged: 1/22/2011
Christine Downey, Family Member

The Adams County Manor is an excellent facility

Christine Downey, Family MemberLoved One Discharged: 1/16/2011
Geneva Dickson, Inpatient

I want to thank the Therapy Department for their wonderful work. They treat every patient as if they were family. They showed love and concern. Also, thanks to the Nursing staff and Nursing assistants. They were all just wonderful. No complaints!!

Geneva Dickson, Inpatient Discharged: 12/20/2010
Bonnie L. Meyer, Inpatient

My stay at the Manor has put me on the road to recovery. All of the staff were very understanding and comforting. I have no complaints!

Bonnie L. Meyer, InpatientDischarged: 10/7/2010
Margaret Dunn, Inpatient

Excellent facility with an exceptional staff and PT program

Margaret Dunn, InpatientDischarged: 8/20/2010
Judge Brett M. Spencer, Inpatient

All aspects of my stay exceeded all my expectations. The facility was clean and comfortable. The staff was professional, friendly, efficient and compassionate. Top Notch!

Judge Brett M. Spencer, InpatientDischarged: 8/12/2010
Shirley Barr, Inpatient

I could have not been treated any better anywhere else. All the staff was wonderful.

Shirley Barr, InpatientDischarged: 2/27/2010