Some of our favorite things to do are normally not that good for us. Do some of your pastimes leave you feeling a little rough around the edges? Maybe it’s time to find something new! Watching too much tv is a prime example of a hobby that doesn’t necessarily help your fitness goals—mentally and physically. I’m not saying you have to go out and be a fitness instructor, or become vegan, to enjoy hobbies that have a positive influence on your health either—checkout these hobbies that are fun and yes, a healthy option.

  1. Bird Watching is beneficial in almost ALL ways. Here’s why:
    • Physical: Most of the time, bird watching requires you to move around, plus you’re outdoors—which is a great way to get natural Vitamin D from the sun.
    • Mental: Birding usually consists of long periods of waiting quietly, which can give you lots of time for finding your inner peace. When you’re out in nature, all of your troubles seem to disappear and you develop a strong appreciation for life outside.
    • Keeping you Alert: Since you’re deep in thought already, you may have to snap out of thinking mode when a bird appears by grabbing your binoculars, or camera.
    • Social: There are many birding groups that like to go on trips together, so they can discuss and compare notes, so the common interest can also bring them together off the field.
  1. Golfing is actually very similar to birding in regards to all of the benefits it can bring. How you ask?
    • Physical: Golfing requires you to walk around and swing clubs—even if you are using a golf cart, you have to get out at some point.
    • Mental: I may not be a golfer, but I’m almost positive that golfers don’t just hit the ball and hope that it lands in the fairway—they have to have deep concentration by aiming that ball and getting to the green, or even a hole in one if they’re lucky!
    • Psychological: Each small victory—from a putt to an actual win makes you confident, which is definitely an ego booster and can be great to your overall well-being.
    • Social: Besides just golfing with your buddies, there’s usually a clubhouse where golfers meet for lunch—what better way to make new friends?
  1. Gardening is similar to birding and golfing, gardening gets you outdoors and up close and personal with nature! It offers most of the same benefits already listed above, plus growing your own food is a way healthier option than grabbing something on the go.
  2. Joining a Walking Club may have obvious physical benefits, but there are also many social benefits. By joining a neighborhood or church walking group, you can be connected to your community!
  3. Cooking– Doesn’t everyone enjoy cooking for others? Maybe it’s just me, but I love cooking for friends and family; I also enjoy going to cooking group to learn new dishes and sometimes I go to the local soup kitchen to provide food to the homeless, which is rewarding in itself. Also, with all of that moving around in the kitchen—you’re sure to stay healthy.

At H&G Nursing Homes, we make a point to provide most of these activities! Keeping an active mind and body contributes to one’s overall well-being. Our Activities Department enjoys taking our patients on outings to the Adams County Lake to bird watch and take in the beautiful scenery. We may not have a golf course in our backyard, but we play many games that involve walking and some form of swinging—such as penny pitching, cornhole, and bowling. We also provide a garden where patients can plant and watch their vegetables flourish. With those delicious, home-grown veggies we like to sometimes use them in our cooking class that any of our patients can join!

For more information about Adams County Manor, please contact us at (937) 544-2205.