5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day:

Grandparents and grandchildren share a special bond, so of course there’s a day to honor them! This year, Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 10th! Checkout these gift ideas:

  • Make a Photograph Gift:

    Grandparents love to look at photographs of their favorite kids! Make a place mat by laminating a photo, or photo collage, or add magnetic tape to the back of a photograph, so they can have a special refrigerator decoration.

  • Bake a Special Treat

    Hold a baking day! Grandparents love nothing more than time with their family and it’s a great way to pass along recipes from generation to generation.

  • Offer Thoughtful Services

    Grandparents do many things for their grandchildren, so it’s common sense for grandchildren to give back! A great gift could be a coupon booklet of things that the grandchildren can do for their grandparents, such as doing yard work, washing the car, or cleaning off shelves.

  • Hold a Sleepover:

    Have the adults/parents coordinate a sleepover for the grandchildren to stay at the grandparent’s house. Order pizza for dinner and provide breakfast food/juice for the following morning, so it’s easy one everyone. Again, time is really what grandparents want!

  • Send/Make a Homemade Card:

    A homemade card can be a great gift for both grandparents far and near. Provide the kids with art supplies, such as paint, markers, paper and see what they can come up with! Another idea is a homemade puzzle card—take a picture of the grandchild, paste it on cardboard and cut into pieces—then write a note that says, “Put this together and see who loves you!”

These ideas are sure to melt grandma and grandpa’s heart! But no matter what you decide to do for Grandparents Day, if it’s done with love, it will be special!