Happy Fall Y’all! The weather is beginning to grow cooler, the daylight shorter, and the air crisper. As we adjust to the changes of Fall, it’s an also an ideal time to check and make any changes to the safety and wellness for older adults in our lives.

Take a look at the checklist we have provided to help prepare yourself – and them – for the season:

  • Schedule pre-Winter heating maintenance. Before cranking up the heat, schedule regular maintenance for your heating systems to confirm they’re in top condition. If your loved one has a fireplace, or chimney, make sure to inspect and clean those too, in order to prevent any danger.
  • Control the internal temperature. Adjust automatic thermostats to account for the season’s fluctuations in temperature.
  • Get ready for Fall fashion. Don’t put your lighter clothing away just yet! Fall is all about the layering game. Be mindful of footwear too. Non-skid boots and shoes with plenty of traction can helps prevent slips/falls in wet or frosty weather.
  • Prepare for ice and snow. Be sure to make shovels, car brushes, and salt accessible in the event of an early storm.
  • Ward off seasonal illnesses. Sicknesses escalate as the year comes to an end. Hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of illness—wet, lather, scrub, rinse, and dry. Older adults can also help boost immunity through good hydration, which can benefit the immune system.
  • Beware of falling leaves. While colorful leaves are part of the beauty of Fall, they can also cause a safety hazard. When wet, they can become slippery and pose a fall risk. Piles of leaves can hide dangerous obstacles. Be sure to remove leaves regularly from key walkways, including porches and sidewalks.