All staff went over and above. I will be the first to recommend your facility, as the best and most comforting atmosphere. I did not just get help, I also got friends. Thank you for the good care.

The staff members on both shifts were very good to me and took good care of me. They were always right there when I needed them- most of the time I didn’t need to use my call light. The staff and kitchen always made sure I ate and had something to drink.

Morris Nursing Home has an excellent staff. Beverly was an excellent nurse. Linda knew what I needed before I asked- she would ask me if I needed ice water, would ask if I needed to go to the bathroom. She was friendly and excellent at her job. Maureen is very kind and excellent at her job. I always looked forward to when she worked. She was sweet and gentle. The dietary staff was very nice- I don’t know if they make the chili homemade, but it was always very good. I couldn’t have had better therapists than Greg and Christen.

If I had to live in a nursing home, Morris would be my choice.

Morrine was very good and prompt when I needed help with anything. All the staff was very nice. I got excellent care from everyone.

I loved the atmosphere. It felt like one big family. It was a wonderful experience. All food was delicious; substitutes were always available and adequate. The therapists were all very caring and considerate of my needs.

Linda was always there for me promptly and they [therapy] were very nice to me.

I think Karen did an outstanding job taking care of me and explaining things to me. Sherry and Darlene fed me very well. I hate to single out any one person because I feel everyone there did the best job possible in their duties that pertained to me. This is an outstanding facility in my opinion. Thank you all very much. It means the world to me what they all did for me. I can’t say enough how good the food was. Sherry and Darlene, the entire kitchen staff always saw to it that I had plenty of food. I feel they [therapy] did a good job with me. Everyone took good personal care of me.

Karen and Susan went over and above. All the aides were awesome. The entire staff worked hard to provide excellent care for my mother. We were very impressed with the “home cooked” type of food.

Everyone [Therapy] was patient and kind and let me go at my own pace. Darlene [Head Chef] is an excellent cook! The food was great.

Everyone was very nice and helpful. The food was great and they did a good job.

I was so pleased with the facility, my mom never was by herself at night ever.  The first two nights I was nervous, then my family saw the care she received and how kind the staff was.

Care, attention, and sensitivity were all given in adequate amounts including all staff members from managers to maintenance.  Like being cared for at home by your own family.  If you can’t take care of yourself in your own home, Morris is the place to be!

I would recommend this facility to anyone needing good care and attention.